The Widows

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has left many women as widows and infected by the disease and yet the majority of the women in Uganda are housewives.

This means that when a woman loses her husband, her whole world crashes down. She does not only grieve for the loss of her husband but she is also frightened of the huge burden she has to take on her own, the expenses involved especially as she has no income at all. Without our help, widows face daily challenges of having no food, clothing, education and general care for themselves and their children and often widows die very young of trauma and treatable diseases due to poverty.

widows at abba fathers house
Widows learning tailoring
Crafts for sale
Most people who try to help others tend to think or profess that “they know how they feel”, but this is not true because all of us are unique beings and we all react to issues differently. It is wrong for anyone to assume that they understand how others feel unless they have been in a similar situation or it is revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. Having gone through the same situation at some point in your life still does not guarantee you knowledge of how someone else might be feeling about their situation, all we do is try to imagine how other people might be feeling. The good news is that no matter how big the problem, God is bigger than all situations that happen to us. That’s why the bible tells us to pray in all situations and to believe that God is faithful to give us breakthroughs.

From Philippians 4:6-7.

6 Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

We purpose to journey with the widows on a step by step basis until they come to a place where they too can identify their needs be able to make right choices and apply them into their individual circumstances.

This is how AFH is making a difference to widows.

AFH staff express sympathy, kindness, comfort and listen to widow’s needs in order to identify their underlying issues. This gives widows hope and assurance that we are for them and not against them. It also releases them from fear and gives widows liberty to tell us more about themselves and to work wish us.

AFH staff seek to find solutions to widow’s problems instead of being judgmental.

We help widows to understand their needs and we encourage them to adapt and apply the skills and knowledge that we give them into their individual circumstances and that frees from fear and motivates them to have hope for a bright future.

Through fellowship, widows are helped to identify the root causes of the problems which keep them in bondage and they are receiving inner healing through prayer, practical help and knowledge of God through the bible Isaiah 55:1-13. We also have a Ministry Team work book to enable trainers to minister to widows in all situations.

Widows were producing such things as necklaces made from local material, table clothes, paper bags, and other handcrafts for sale, however, most of the widows were dispersed by covid 19 and each went their own way as their circumstances become worse due the intensity of the virus. We’re now trying to re-group the widows but we need resources to do so.

Currently, we have a small number of widows mostly new members and they are being encouraged to commit to fellowship. AFH staff continue to visit widows in their times of dire need such sickness both to comfort and pray with them and also provide basic necessities from time to time.

Our future plan is for the widows to get involved in our various project works to enable them to acquire saleable skills from which they can earn a living.

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