We create homes for disadvantaged children in Uganda


Abba Father's House is an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda which helps vulnerable children from different parts of Uganda to make sure they get life's basic needs, food, shelter, education, protection and so much more.

We also support widows while focusing on sustainable projects, that are going to help them support their lifestyles and help them find a dignified and positive future.

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The Children

Children are a gift from God and they are the future generation of tomorrow. They need to be loved and cared for

The Vision

Our Vision is to provide a future, both for the children and also empower widows to work out their future with hope

The Widows

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has left many women as widows and infected by the disease, we stand with them for a fulfilling future

Solar Panels

We are looking to raise £1100 that would enable us to buy solar panels for both houses and two outdoor ..
  Start date: Aug, 23 2023   Donors : 0
£0.00 Raised
£1,100.00 Goal

Biogas Production

Another way of saving money is by using biogas for lighting and cooking. 
  Start date: Aug, 23 2023   Donors : 0
£0.00 Raised
£2,000.00 Goal

Water Tank

Building an underground water tank is another way we can save on the cost of supplying water to Abba Father's ..
  Start date: Aug, 24 2023   Donors : 0
£0.00 Raised
£2,000.00 Goal

AFH in the UK

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AFH in Uganda

Abba Father’s House
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