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Cake and samosa sale

Abba Father’s House call is to comfort orphaned children and to be the parents they don’t have. Provision of care for these children comes with a lot of unexpected urgent needs from time to time especially as there no free services to subscribe to.  In challenging times like these, cost of living is too high for our budget and there is always a shortfall. Other services such as hiring a cab/Uber to take child who might be very ill to hospital, medical treatment for complex ailments which happen from time to time, funds to top up food shopping as food prices are rapidly increasing, and other necessities like hiring a handyman to fix broken home items like toilets, payment of utility charges etc.  

Schools are also randomly coming up with a demand for urgent needs that are not mentioned in the term’s requirements which makes our budgeting almost impossible.   

Before covid 19, we used to be able to hold fund raising functions in various locations to raise funds by selling cakes, samosas and widow’s crafts to meet emergency needs which are not budgeted for, but this opportunity is currently affected by the effects of covid as most people now work from home, and most offices allow limited numbers of staff which has left us without fundraising venues.

We also support widows who haven’t got much help and they often look to us for help because most of them don’t have family support. At the moment, our staff pay visits to the widows in needs to offer practical support when possible, and provide very basic necessities such as sugar, soap, food and practical support like house cleaning that would help a widow who is unwell to recover.

We’re making an appeal for your help for a one donation of any amount to help us meet the needs listed above and more.  Please press the donate button to support us or email if you need to discuss this further.  Much appreciate, God bless youWe much appreciate and value your support. God bless and keep you well.

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